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Default Mastering the squat snatch (and squat clean)

I am having a devil of a time with squat snatches. I can't seem to catch the lift in even a parallel squat, and catching in a full squat has so far only been possible with an extremely light bar. I'm having similar problems with cleans, though to a lesser degree.

I've been doing drop squats and snatches with PVC throughout the day and weighted drop snatches in the weight room. I practice tall cleans/snatches. The issue is as soon as the weight gets heavy, I'm back to power snatching/cleaning it. My work with light weights isn't taking! Does anyone have more suggestions on how to train myself to catch in a squat? Do more of what I'm doing? Spend lots of time sitting in the hole during overhead squats?

I think it's also tied to my serious lack of speed in getting under the bar, for what it's worth, so any advice along those lines would also be appreciated.
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