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Welcome to my world.

About three weeks ago, I began a journey. A journey to learn how to get under the bar. To do so, I've found that I need to do a lot of tall versions of the lift.

But beyond that, to not corrupt what I've learned on the first pull, I've found that the following rep scheme is actually resulting in me learning how to do the darn lifts with a full movement.

Tall snatch. High Hang Snatch. Slightly lower high hang snatch. Hang snatch from the knee. Hang snatch below the knee. And finally pull the bugger from the ground.

Start out with the pvc, bars, etc. And just accept humility and slowly work your way forward. That's what I'm doing. I'm doing the same with my squat cleans - tall clean, high hang clean, etc. On the fifth rep during the set, I'm pulling from the floor.

I'm keeping track of it in my log here to note my progress. I still suck, but I suck less now than I did three weeks ago.

Be patient and enjoy.

All the best,
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