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Default Bodyweight, sleep apnea, oh my!

You would think that after being at Disney and all that for a week and eating in a less than stellar fashion that a person would gain or at least maintain their weight. Apparently not me. Before I left I was sitting at 194 and now a few days in a row now I've been hitting 189. I've always been a slow to lose kind of person, endomorphic body type so it's not as if I'm one of those people that lose pounds if they aren't eating all the time. I'm not complaining, I just find it odd, I can tell that I'm noticeably leaner than I was before I left for the trip on the 1st.


Had an Army physical yesterday and said even if I have sleep apnea it doesn't seem to be affecting me negatively yet as if it was my blood pressure readings would have some indication.
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