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8 weeks out until I hit the ice full-time. I'm going to switch it up from mostly strength/power days to mostly endurance >90 minute days.

Currently I do 4-5 days in the gym (usually around 45-75min) and one or two days where it's totally endurance related.

I need to cut down my time in the gym to 2 days max, and the rest of the days will be all endurance efforts between 60 minutes all the way up to multi-day treks on the weekend. I have been slacking lately in my knowledge and totally forgot or denied that I would need endurance training as I have been somewhat happy with the hikes I was taking but I didn't feel good after then (aka not recovering) so it's time to hit it hard and start revving up the miles running/rowing/airdyne.

I will also implement an interval day every so often to keep it fresh as LSD can make me go insane.

Right now this is what I have planned for the rest of this week:

Today: Run "The Loop", which last took me an hour to complete and I walked 1/4th the way, it's on road and never ending up and down hills. But the last time I ran this was 2 years ago when I was in the beginning stages of building my endurance so I should be able to blast through this. It's about 4.75 miles, so I'm hoping to get under 40 minutes and if I don't espcially after a full rest day then my endurance has slipped over these past 3 months of non-stop strength/power/power endurance days with little to no long efforts.

Thursday: Depending on how my legs are I will either row 75 minutes @ a determined HR or 2 (4x 20 sec work/ 10 sec rest) intervals on airdyne and some little strength work.

Friday: Little work with strength and power (if that) then it's off the Adirondacks

Saturday: Hike 10+ hours, sleep overnight outside

Sunday: Hike 10+ hours, go home
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