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Originally Posted by Craig Brown View Post
I'm working on this myself, and while it's hard to be smart, it is less painful! Craig

I think I have learned that.

Yeah, thinking about what I want out of all this is big piece of the puzzle. It keeps coming back to functional fitness.

I want to be able to pedal my old, heavy single-geared bike to the market and back.

I want to be able to do some serious hiking next year.

I want to be able to do yoga classes again.

I would like to be the best, strongest dancer I can be at this age. I'd really like to be fit enough to keep up with a general dance class.

With that in mind, here's my workout for today:

1. Treadmill
5 min. warmup
15 min. walking at 10-15% grade between 2.2 and 2.5 mph. HR was up there (142 at highest) and I really kept a tight core and used my legs, not my arms. Glutes feel it.

2. 2 sets of 10 squats to pick up a 15 lb. DB and bring it to chest height.
2 sets of 15 declined situps
2 sets of 10 back extensions
2 sets of 8 angled body rows using Smith machine.

Then, I went to PT. They started me on strength work today, using a resistence band, rotating at the shoulder. It was the lightest band, and it wasn't easy! But I feel as if I have graduated from purely stretching and moving the joint.

Yesterday's meals:

B: 1/3 c. oat bran, cooked w/ 1/2 c. blackberries, 1 oz. half and half, and 2 eggs
L: 1/2 c. brown rice w/ 4 oz. baked chicken and 5 small beets, 1 TB. pine nuts
D: 5 oz. london broil, 2 c. mixed green salad, 1 TB. bleu cheese dressing, 4 oz. wine, 1 c. red cabbage, 1 TB. butter
snacks: 1 crispbread w/ 1 TB. peanut butter; 1/3 c. brown rice w/ raisins and spinach and 1 cup 1% milk

Total cal: 1548 41% fat, 25% carb, 28% protein

I feel good!

Those who hear not the music, think the dancers mad.
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