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Default update

Well, after 5 days on the Fat Flush plan, or attempting to, I realized that I cannot follow a diet protocol that restricts so many foods. The foods choices were limited to only lean protein, veggies, flaxseed oil and 2 low gylcemic fruits a day. As healthy as it sounds, it was torture. Probably would have been effective, but oh well.

I feel like I am getting somewhere, after years of feeling lost and spinning my wheels. Its so funny, I go through this everytime I hit this setpoint weight, still want to lose more, but never find the right formula to get me there and keep it off.

So Ive got some pieces of the formula:
1.) Intermittent fasting 3-5 days a week
2.) No overexercising, incorporating some relaxing activities like walks and yoga
3.) Doing things I enjoy and staying busy (to prevent depression that leads to overeating)
4.) Not restricting healthy food groups such as nuts, fruits and whole grains.
5.) Eat more fat and protein
6.) Food protocol cannot be rigid, I need flexibility

Ok, I can follow all these and still be at maintanence, as long as I dont provide a caloric deficit.
Or I can essentially create a deficit and lose more weight.
-If my deficit is too aggressive, it may trigger those binge responses
-If my deficit is not aggressive enough, weight loss will be too slow and painful

What's a girl to do here? Many recommend a deficit of about 35% of your maintanence. But what is maintanence anyway, can you really calculate that?
And do I have to go back to all that counting calories, weighing and measuring my food?

Maybe I am making this too complicated..........maybe its better I just stop trying, fast in the mornings and let my body take care of itself.

OR..............maybe losing this last bit of weight is supposed to be uncomfortable and I just dont want to deal with those feelings right now as they make me very moody and depressed. Last night I went to bed feeling hungry, and most of the night I was bothered by my stomach growling........eventually it went away, but maybe this is how it should feel? First thing I did this morning was step on the scale, because I felt that if I must suffer, then I better be losing weight!!!
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