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Originally Posted by Patrick Yeung View Post
Oh, and I think thats funny that you eat alot of rest days, the days youre not burnin as much as your workout days. I find myself doing that too, I wonder why that is. I wonder if its because our bodies are craving calories, and our mind drives us to eat less and fast on workout days to have better workouts?
Thought i'd give my ideas on appetite on rest days:

1. If you work out late in the day, your muscles are still compensating and rebuilding themselves the next morning, so it makes sense you would be hungrier.

2. Exercise suppresses appetite for a short time at least, and you tend to forget or ignore hunger when you're busy and absorbed. So if you're not working out and not particularly engrossed in the day's work, you'll tend to eat more.

I found if I follow my appetite i tend to undereat on a day when I train late and overeat the next day. Depending on your goals it might not be such a bad thing. I'm not convinced a diet has to be painful to work
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