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Originally Posted by Steve Rogers View Post
The squat to pick up a dumbell and bring it to chest height sounds like a good movement for this point in your training. Is this like a clean, or a squat and a curl?

As Dan John says: "The movement of squatting is important. Squatting heavy is not." He's got me just doing goblet squats with a kettlebell, mostly for the stretch.
I can't do cleans yet....maybe ever.....because the explosive component of getting under the bar is not good for my spine. Since I'm fused from C3 to C7, forces on my spine are transmitted to the thoracic spine and not diffused so much through nice healthy cushioned disks. This is why I can't run, which is a loss to me---I enjoyed running.

So the movement I concocted was a squat with a quick curl. Looked like my first attempt at a clean...

Today, I was going to swim for 45 minutes, but I am feeling tender in my shoulder and neck this morning, so I'm going to bail on that plan. I'm going to take today as an active recovery day and go for a moderately paced walk or two instead, as tolerated, and make time to do some stretching.

Yesterday's meals:

B: cottage cheese w/ berries and nuts, a bit of Fiber One cereal
L: (on the run) a few slices of ham, 1 slice of cheese, 1 apple
D: buffalo meat loaf, chinese cabbage cooked w/ bacon and mushrooms
S: nonfat plain Greek yogurt, berries, nuts

Total calories: 1400 51% fat, 21% carbs, 29% protein

Interesting thing is, my family is saying how tasty the dinners I've been serving are since I put the fat back into them. (I have to confess, during the time I put on these extra 15 pounds, it's from a lowfat reducing diet during the day along with carb binges at night. My family went through a TON of cereal while I was cooking that way, now all of a sudden, we're going through less cereal. I think even my hubby and kids aren't as hungry all the time.)

I sure feel a lot better.

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