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Default Should I do yoga or something else?

My Olympic lifting coach suggested I do some yoga on my rest days to increase my flexibility. My flexibility isn't terrible, but it could use some work, especially in my ankles and calves.

So far I've just been doing very light, twenty-minute yoga routines from a book. My goal is not to become a master, just limber up a bit. However, searches on this board have revealed people are not too crazy about yoga here. Is there a program you'd suggest instead?

I already do dynamic movements and dynamic stretching pre-workout, and some, but not much, static stretching afterwards. On days when I'm feeling really beat up I add in some myofascial release with a foam roller my gym has lying around.

(Also, if you could be specific about routines that would be great. Without structure I'll either do barely anything or go overboard and do everything and then get sick of spending hours on stretching or whatever and end up doing nothing again.)
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