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I can't comment on the yoga thing other than what has already been said. I've never done it except for a DVD and didn't particularly like it.

I'd like to add that using the foam roller should be just a part of your routine like the dynamic movements and stuff are for you pre-workout. Or buy one at home and devote 10-20 minutes to it a few times a week.

If I'm doing it at the gym I'll set my interval timer to go off every 20 seconds, so that way I know when to switch, if I'm at home I'll just do it as I'm watching TV focusing on hot spots. I like to do it from low to high just so I know I don't miss any places.

At the gym the following routine takes ~10 minutes:
Foam roller 15-20 seconds per part focusing on hot spots:
quads, IT bands, adductors, hip flexors, thoracic extension (1-5 reps per segment), chest, lats
Teniss ball progressing to a lacrosse ball: 15-20 seconds per part
arch rolls, calves, glutes, infraspinatus,
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