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Yesterday 2215

Have taken delivery of a lot of new kit over the past couple of days.
Broke out the new Do-Wins and squat rack for this session...
Will check out the other stuff over the next few days.

Did 2 of the elements of yesterdays (10th Sept) CA WOD

Overhead Squat - heavy double
2 @ 20kg
fails @ 25kg (f***ing freezing outside so not really warmed up, and getting used to balance in new shoes)
2 @ 25kg
2 @ 30kg
2 @ 35kg
2 @ 40kg (2RM PB )
1 @ 45kg (equal 1RM PB )
F @ 47.5kg

Happy with the 2 @ 40kg - that was my aim for the day (65% BW)
Need to nail the 47.5kg this week to stay on track for the BW challenge - will try again later in the week.

Front Squat - heavy single, not max
1 @ 47.5kg
1 @ 50kg
1 @ 55kg
1 @ 60kg
1 @ 65kg
1 @ 70kg

All A2G.
70kg = 115% BW
There's more to give here - think the OHS f***ed me up more than I thought.
Form was going a bit on the 70kg so decided to call it.
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