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I have a history of bulimia, bingeing and anorexia. That is why I am weary of W&M in the first place. by the way, THANKYOU Emily.

Tell me more about the Paleo diet. Where do I get comprehensive info, and I hope I dont have to google it b/c there is so much conflicting advice on the web. I need a good book.

What about whey protein shakes? I would assume a no-no on Paleo diet.

From my experience, i used to do the Fat Flush diet, which always yielded good results, but it was so damn difficult to stick too, mainly due to the amount of food being so little. 8-10oz protein, 2 tbsp flax oil, unlimited veggies and 2 fruits. WIth a little moer food though, I would be able to stick to it, as I love eating like that, felt so clean.
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