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Originally Posted by Garrett Smith View Post
Nearly all the jogging/sprinting I do is uphill. I do believe it is "easier" on the body, while much harder on the CV system and mind. :-)
Hey, Garrett, that made me laugh, because if I could cycle cross country but only do the UPHILLS I'd be on it in a second. I'm terrified to get on my bike because of the downhills, so I know where you are comin' from.

I had THE BEST TIME this morning in the gym. I could dance for joy right now.

Here's why I chose what I did: I thought about my goals (thank you, Jay Cohen) and I realized it really is all about functional fitness for me at this point. I'm not interested in Crossfit PRs anymore; I'm interested in being fit enough to bike to the market, to hike up a mountain, to go camping and kayaking and stair climbing up Macchu Picchu (sp?) when I'm able to travel in a scant couple more years (kids growing up, retiring.)

So I imagined myself as a primitive tribe person, a la Primal Fitness thinking. I figured I'd row across the river with enemies in pursuit.

Translation: I did a 2K as fast as I could. (10:01, previous best 8:25!).

Then I thought I'd have to walk through the hills to get to the host village, so I did hill program on the treadmill for 25 minutes. (HR up to 142 for a good chunk of it).

Then it was time to build a temporary shelter, so I lifted things for a while (2 sets of 15 reps picking up a 15lb. DB from full squat to just overhead, elbows bent to 90 degrees). 2 sets of 8 angled body rows with step-ups onto a bench; 2 sets of wall pushups with stepups onto a bench; 2 sets of 20 declined situps, and I was spent.

I left the gym feeling really, really good, as if I really worked my body properly. No pathological pain, just a good muscle fatigue.

The 2K row really tired me out. I was bent over huffin' and puffin' recovering when one of the trainers came over and asked me if I was okay. It surprised me, because aren't you supposed to huff and puff after exertion? Why should anything be wrong?

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