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Originally Posted by Alicia Zhuang View Post
Oh my goodness the pigs look so happy! If I had to hunt for food I'd probably eat only vegetables and clams/mussels because they can't stare at me with accusing puppy dog eyes when I'm about to kill them.
Early on, I decided that the only moral way to eat animals was to take responsibility for killing them, so I went hunting with my uncle in the mountains of Appalachia*.

Since then, I've been comfortable with the idea that eating meat involves a certain amount of killing of warm fuzzy creatures.

* Being that this was Appalachia, we decided to go hunting for deer, but didn't see any, thought about taking a shot at a flock of wild turkey, but it wasn't the season, so I turned the shotgun on an innocent squirrel (which took a rather long time to die, despite getting both barrels, and finally had to be finished off with a rock). My grandmother, who was a master back woods, moonshiner, ornithologist bird-banding, elementary school teaching mountain woman, skinned, gutted and cooked up the squirrel in a nice stew which I took back home to college with me. I'm ashamed to admit that I ate only about half of the stew -- squirrel isn't really all that good, as it turns out.
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