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[QUOTE=Mandy LaGreca;43256]
Well, I am about 75% already there. I just need to loosen up on my fear of fat, and perhaps taht will stop or reduce the binge eating that is keeping me heavier. what happens is I try to cut carbs without adding fat, and then I end up bingeing at the end of the night. the flaxseed oil Ive added to my diet this week has worked wonders on my appeite and also really helped my skin shine.

Mandy, my own experience supports that.

I'm 5'7" tall (was 5'8" before my spine surgery, damn!).

At my peak fitness, I was a really lean, low bodyfat 145 lbs. (I'm 53 years old). I ate really well.

I had extensive spine surgery seven months ago. Until very recently---the last couple of weeks---I was in constant pain, and my diet went to hell in a handbasket. I was eating a lot of carb-y comfort foods, and not exercising, and I gained 15 lbs.

It was very scary for me. I felt out of control around food. I ate sometimes 2 large bowls of sugary cold cereal, or several slices of bread and butter while watching TV, lying on the couch, fatigued out of my mind, sad, blue, discouraged.

Since cleaning up my diet and starting to move again on a regular basis, my mood and energy have just skyrocketed. I feel almost as good as I did when I was at my peak of fitness! And most importantly of all, I do not feel like I'm starving all the time, and I do not feel like bingeing. I'm content with some spiced hot tea at night.

It's so dramatic, this complete reversal of my constitution, it astonishes me. I think it's necessary to eat adequate fat in order to get satiated. Just cutting calories, or just cutting carbs won't do it. My .02 cents, anyway.

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