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Chet Morjaria
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Yesterday 2200

Was planning to be rest but had a urge to play so broke out the PVC bar in the eve,
Nothing structured, mainly a bunch of:

Clean drops/hangs
Snatch drops/hangs
Jerk tech

Plus a few other bits - snatch balance etc.

Finished off with a little handstand/HSPU practice

Tonight 1930

Overhead Squats - Max Single

Chasing after 47.5kg.
Missed it on Wed
Need to nail it this week to be on track for the challenge.

2 @ 20kg
1 @ 25kg
1 @ 30kg
1 @ 35kg
1 @ 40kg
F @ 47.5kg
1 @ 47.5kg = PB

Push Press - 3s

3 @ 40kg
3 @ 45kg
2 @ 47.5kg
1 @ 50kg

Stood around for too long before the last rep at 47.5kg.
1 @ 50kg to make up for it.
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