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Susie Rosenberg
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Man, oh man.

I am sore today, mostly in the muscles all around my shoulder joints, precisely the muscles I have moved the least during the past seven months. It's a good sore, though; the sore of muscles that have been worked the right amount past their limits. The kind of sore that promises gains in strength, if responded to appropriately. (ie, REST)

But, the two physical therapists I've been working with have suggested strongly that I don't do real strength work until I have full ROM of the left shoulder, because growing muscle before the joint mobility is restored might result in less ultimate ROM. Much as I don't want to listen to that---I feel ready to take on growing muscles---it makes sense, and I think it would be wise to stop the lifting and pulling for a while longer, work on mobility. *sigh*

Today all I will do, if I get to it, is walk. We're having about 20 people for dinner tonight, and I have a ton of stuff to do.

Yesterday's meals:

B: 2/3 c. cooked oat bran w/blueberries and cream; 2 eggs w/swiss cheese
L: large green salad w/shredded cabbage, beets, avocado, olive oil, 2 oz. salmon
D: meatballs, cauliflower and broccoli w/butter, 1/2 c. quinoa

Cal: 1448 51% fat, 27% carb, 22% protein (85.3 gm. pro)

I have been feeling wonderful, great mood and good energy. Amazing. Two weeks ago, I was tired, cranky, and discouraged. Thank you, Jay!

Those who hear not the music, think the dancers mad.
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