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Kevin Perry
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Starting to feel much better, I think I caught the cold before it could really get into my system. Should be back to lifting very soon. Have been sitting at 150 so i'll be back to gaining again shortly.

In the mean time i've been doing some more thinking and have decided to structure my diet and training around performance goals. This mindset will make it much easier to focus on. Also, I want to focus entirely on personal happiness as this will get rid of much of the stress I have been dealing with lately outside of lifting and I can focus on what matters most to me.

Im going to work on putting on 5 - 10 more pounds and build up strength for another 6 - 8 weeks and then move on to something else probably metcon with some weightlifting. Thats how it will be so I can concentrate on other areas. I think that will be a good plan that will allow variety. Of course weightlifting will take more of a priority and maybe eventually I can make it to a meet but I won't worry about that right now.

Ok End/Rant thing. I think I feel a little better organized now.
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