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Hi Anton, It looks like we started SS about the same time. How is the progress going? just found this tonight. I just had to take a week off due to a stomach virus but I was back at it tonight. I reset back to week 7 and started back in. Overall my progress with SS has been fantastic, and I have steadily increased all of my lifts every workout, now in PR territory every workout. I stalled a few times on the deadlift and press, but made progress after I started doing dips and Romanian deadlifts as add ons. I gained over 15lbs, started at 5'9" 181, now at 196. I am going to use December to do crossfit, lift a couple of times a week, and get back down in weight. In january, feb & march I plan to do another 12 weeks of SS. Anyhow, hope the progress is happening.
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