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Susie Rosenberg
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Mandy: be careful, the biggest mistake with IF is to use a day's fast as an excuse to eat garbage. You're better off eating regularly if you can't stick to paleo foods to break your fast.

Also, be aware that all the studies show health benefits to IF in animal models, but that human studies are not numerous. The very few studies---like 1 or 2 that I know of---that include women show impaired insulin sensitivity in female IF'ers as compared to men.

Having said that, I did IF for some months and felt well, maintained my (lean) weight, and did fine athletically. But I added IF to an already cleaned diet. I just didn't feel that much better, nor have such better health indices, to give up the pleasure of eating more regularly.

I would recommend getting the paleo diet down first, then adding IF. Making such radical changes all at once is not likely to last.

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