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Originally Posted by Michael Lynn View Post
Hey all.

My fiancee is 5'3". To have a shot at pilot, she needs to make the minimum of 5'4". Many years ago when I started working out I saw some info on increasing a person's height.

Not a huge deal, I'm just curious if anyone has any reputable information.

As a pilot in the USAF of 9 years (and currently a SUPT instructor pilot), I've seen everything from traction to laying in bed for a day before the measurement.

But, none of it works. If she doesn't have the sitting height, she can't do it, plain and simple truth. Of course, a cool $50 bill, or excellent bottle of scotch to the flight doc who signs the form for the height measurement could be an option, or go to space for a few weeks, astronauts gain 3-4" in height because of the lack of stress on the spine via gravity.

If she has any other questions about SUPT (if she makes it of course) feel free to PM me.
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