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Susie Rosenberg
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Just came back from NIA class (sort of combo dance and T'ai Chi), 60 minutes.

I really like this kind of rehab!

I'm still pretty sore just from the teensy work with weights I did last week, in a way that makes me feel not good in the neck and spine, so I skipped them today. I think maybe twice a week is plenty to start off with, so if I'm feeling better I will do some strength work on Wednesday. Tomorrow's my 2 hour dance class, which I do for the sheer joy of it.

One thing does seem to be getting clearer and clearer to me: I'm not in a place to be thinking about "athletic training" yet---I'm doing repair, strengthening and rehab work.

It's just an utter joy to be so free of debilitating pain and to be able to MOVE. I don't want to muck it up by getting too ambitious too soon.

I'm not disciplined about taking my supplements, so this week, I'm going to commit to getting that fish oil in.

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