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Originally Posted by Derek Simonds View Post
Nothing quite like shooting in the rain. I don't get to the range often enough.

So you were pulling for Lesnar I see. BTW I don't think I would have taken the bet if it was 100 Burpees. No in fact I am pretty sure I wasn't that committed. Since you were at drill I doubt you got to see any of the fights. The undercard was absolutely fantastic. There were so many good fights I don't which one was my favorite.

Everybody back to their normal schedule after the Disney trip? It usually takes our family a week or two to get back to normal.
The range was F'ed up but eh what can you do. I was steaming on Saturday in regards to the OIC of the range and they crap ass way it was being run. Woosaa....

I caught some clips when I got home on Sunday but it's hard to find full fights now online.

I got back on schedule pretty easily, the kids took a bit more doing. Laurie is still catching up on sleep I think.
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