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Originally Posted by Arden Cogar Jr. View Post
I'm still in shock about the fight.

And I'm doing a Disney Cruise in February - a weeks worth of cheat meals should do me wonders.

Allen did you train while in Disney?

All the best,
Hunter had actually requested a Disney cruise to begin with after watching something on the Travel channel about them. The Make-A-Wish volunteers however were able to get him psyched about the trip to Disney World though.

I did a quick flexibility routine on Saturday morning + a short metcon, and then the WL'ing session I did at Leo's place on Wednesday night. Other than that I'd stretch here and there, nothing crazy. A lot of walking at the parks of course.

I'm still kind shocked about the weight loss. 194 the Thursday before I left, 188 the Thursday after I get back. Very weird. My wife thinks it had to do with all the walking....but it's not THAT much walking.
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