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I gotta tell you, but for me, the Disney Cruise is like 1000x better than Disneyworld. The kids go into their own clubs where they don't want to leave, so you and wife are left alone to do your thing. The clubs give you pagers and when the kid wants you, the clubs page you. We've gone twice and both times the kids wanted nothing to do with us except to take them to the shows at night. Otherwise they ran like banshees and played with like minded kids in their clubs.

First trip, I gained 11 pounds in 4 days - the food was killer. The gym was okay. Second trip, I worked out every day as the gym was revamped and actually had dumbells up to 70 pounds and a ton of machines. It was like they doubled the size of the workout area in less than a year. Wishfully thinking, I've got my fingers crossed for some free weights (heaven if there's bumpers and a platform) this trip - however, free weights on a boat is sorta problematic.

Oh, the one trip to Disneyworld (2004) resulted in a wonderful saying for my wife and I. I was instructed to say the following any time she inquired about the possibilty of pregnancy - "Disneyworld 2004."

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Hunter had actually requested a Disney cruise to begin with after watching something on the Travel channel about them. The Make-A-Wish volunteers however were able to get him psyched about the trip to Disney World though.

I did a quick flexibility routine on Saturday morning + a short metcon, and then the WL'ing session I did at Leo's place on Wednesday night. Other than that I'd stretch here and there, nothing crazy. A lot of walking at the parks of course.

I'm still kind shocked about the weight loss. 194 the Thursday before I left, 188 the Thursday after I get back. Very weird. My wife thinks it had to do with all the walking....but it's not THAT much walking.
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