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Default Balancing Endurance and Strength

Just a little short story: I've been doing a lot more endurance type work over the last few weeks (Around 15-20 hours/week worth) and only about 1-2 sessions a week dealing with strength. I was wondering how could I keep my strength or even increase it whilst doing so much endurance type work, or if it is even possible.

I usually do about 3-4 (sets usually 5-10, reps 2-5) lifts during my sessions in the gym, mainly: front squats, back squats, push press, overhead press, bench press, 1-arm deadlifts (for now at least), light cleans, and overhead squats.

Over the past month or so I made little to no gains on all of my lifts, and I'm still new to lifting (only have been doing it for about 6 months regularly), so I was wondering how much is the endurance work affecting my overall strength or should I just give in and accept that my strength will not go up even with high endurance outputs.

Should I have more sessions in the gym, or perhaps more lifts during those sessions. I have a injury in my right hand preventing me from doing heavy deadlifts or heavy olympic lifts in general. Or should I learn some other lifts that could help?

In about a month and half I will be leaving the gym totally and focusing primarily ice climbing for the next 4-5 months. I would love to get as much strength as I can before I leave, but I don't want to compromise my endurance at all. That's about the jist of it

Thanks for any input.
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