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I find that i like to focus on problem areas, and this may help you since you have identified one. i've gone through a bunch of dvd's and what not, but sometimes i really don't want to sit down and crank out a whole yoga session. instead i generally have 3 or 4 poses that i feel i'm having trouble with. i'll typically hit those several times throughout the day - basically greasing the groove without really thinking of it as that.

this tends to help a lot because it's an easy way to take breaks from work/school work.
for example, i do work for an hour, stop and cycle between pigeon, king pigeon, and plough pose a few times, then i work again. takes about 10 minutes, and i'll do it maybe 3-4 times a day. i'll stick to these few stretches for about 2-3 weeks and switch it up.

i feel that it's almost like building up skill in any other lift. it takes a while to figure out what the real goal is in some stretches, such as what should feel tension, what should squeeze, and what should relax.

of course, i'll do a more thorough set of stretching/joint mobility to warm up/cooldown from physical endeavors, but the previous discussion was simply referring to outside of workout/grappling

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