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I give the same initial advice on urinating at night as Grissim did...if you drink less before bed (but the same amount daily), you'll likely end up needing to wake up less to pee at night.

I drink 3/4 gallon plus of fluids a day, I try to finish it before 6pm.

I have personally dealt with my own challenge with waking up more often than I'd like to pee in the middle of the night.

I have done several things to deal with this issue, I don't really have a problem now:
1. Cease drinking significant amounts of fluids at an earlier time of day (note not NO fluids, just much less after a certain time)
2. Relatively recently, I added some ZMA & GABA before bed, so I sleep like a baby (and likely don't notice I have to pee because I'm sleeping more soundly!).
3. I recently significantly increased my intake of a new controlled-release alpha-lipoic acid. I do very well on low-carbs, so an improved insulin sensitivity may play a role here (I'm linking this to the diabetes brought up previously).
4. I very much try to urinate when the urge strikes me these days. This is a large change from up until maybe a year or two ago, where if I needed to, I would hold my pee for many hours longer than I should have--because I had become used to doing it and simply because I could. I think this "trained" my system to ignore the proper signals, which led to its own sequelae, especially before bedtime and in the middle of the night.

See if any of the above things seem like they apply to you, and apply at your leisure.
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