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Yes, I have a few tendons in my hand that are very weak and still injured. It hurts to grab a 30# KB and hold it. I have been doing a lot of therapy work with theraputty and hot/cold baths to help it heal but it's been about 50 days and still not ready yet.

I don't know if this will affect the climbing, by then it might be good or it might not be. I think the best thing to do now is to back off on nearly everything that requires you to hold something, which is all pulling exercises, and even olympic lifts.

Just my stats, 164#, 6'2"

Lifts are not all max but what I've gathered up so far.
Power Clean: 115x5
Deadlift (Over 2 months ago): 205x5
1-Arm Deadlift: 170x2
Squat 165x3
Bench 135x5
Overhead Press 100x5
Push Press 140x1
Overhead Squat 95x1
Front Squat 150x1

The thing is with endurance is that I need to get a lot, and I mean a lot of time out there so I can recover quickly for ice climbing. I don't want to end up going hard for 12 hours on one day and be stuck in a bed for the next 3 days due to fatigue. I want to recover as fast as possible and to do this you need a lot of endurance work, many miles run, many miles carrying a pack up a mountain, and also some rowing and airdyne work for variety. It's all about recovery, I'm not doing one event and that's it, it's more like a marathon of events for 4 months and I need to get the most I can get out of those 4 months rather than resting every other day because I can't recover from an 8-12 hour day in the mountains.
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