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Going to have to draw up some met-cons of my own since I know nearly all of the crossfit met-cons involve pull ups or something of the sort, and also I don't do sit-ups as I believe them to be more harmful than good at least for me.

All the fast hikes I do are in the mountains, I probably won't make it this weekend due to the fact that schoolwork is catching up to me right now so I need to take care of that first. So I will probably just make this week mostly strength or met-con, with some running and rowing

Thanks for the advice, I particularly don't enjoy met-cons, not because of the high heart rates or puking aspect (I still fear running up and down the roads near me the most, I've hit 100% MHR many times on those hills), but because I fear they are not as good they're cracked up to be. I never could justify doing 15 minutes of a high intensity circuit for preparation to a multi-hour/day event, maybe three or four times a month but never as much as people are doing them. I still don't buy into it at all because you can't do 15 minutes of high intensity work go out for 8 hours and expect to recover overnight, but doing a lot of endurance has crippled my strength too far I believe. Or I am not balancing it correctly, this still has me questioning some beliefs.
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