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Originally Posted by Craig Brown View Post
HI Susie-

Looks like you are doing great! I am going to use you as my diet guardian angel for inspiration as I get back on track.

Oh, man. You're in trouble now.


ps: Love ya right back, Sarena!

pps: I enjoyed the heck out of my 2 hour dance class. It's a lot more fun putting my shoulder through a ROM to music than it is cranking it out during a PT session. (Yes, I am doing all my ROM exercises. I'm stuck mostly at external rotation, so I lean into doorways a lot and reach behind me to clasp hands.)

Tomorrow, I am hoping to do a little rowing, maybe a couple of 500 m. sprints, then walk uphill on the treadmill. I don't like doing hill sprints on the treadmill because my balance isn't 100% yet, but I can handle a steady pace uphill, so I'll do that, too.

Add to that some declined situps, back extensions, plank poses and pull-up assists on the machine, and that should be a day! Thursday, I'll swm.


Today's meals:

B: brussel sprouts, bacon and eggs
L: sm. handful walnuts
D: burger, carrots, green salad w/bleu cheese dressing
nonfat plain Greek yogurt, berries, few walnuts
Those who hear not the music, think the dancers mad.
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