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Originally Posted by Daniel Labuz View Post
Going to have to draw up some met-cons of my own since I know nearly all of the crossfit met-cons involve pull ups or something of the sort, and also I don't do sit-ups as I believe them to be more harmful than good at least for me.
1. It is possible to do pulling work without the wrists.. although it would be more akin to something like "ab wheel" where when you roll out you not only engage the lats but also the musculature at the shoulders (chest and lats).

2. If your situps are giving you back pain or stressing the area, you are probably overusing your hip flexors in the movement instead of your abs.

All the fast hikes I do are in the mountains, I probably won't make it this weekend due to the fact that schoolwork is catching up to me right now so I need to take care of that first. So I will probably just make this week mostly strength or met-con, with some running and rowing

Thanks for the advice, I particularly don't enjoy met-cons, not because of the high heart rates or puking aspect (I still fear running up and down the roads near me the most, I've hit 100% MHR many times on those hills), but because I fear they are not as good they're cracked up to be. I never could justify doing 15 minutes of a high intensity circuit for preparation to a multi-hour/day event, maybe three or four times a month but never as much as people are doing them. I still don't buy into it at all because you can't do 15 minutes of high intensity work go out for 8 hours and expect to recover overnight, but doing a lot of endurance has crippled my strength too far I believe. Or I am not balancing it correctly, this still has me questioning some beliefs.
Heck, your "metcon" could be something like tabatas or HIIT sprinting if you wanted. They don't necessarily have to involve weights and could just be mainly bodyweight work and running.

I have experienced some all day construction work and having a "high" level of strength really does help.. but that's up to you whether to believe that or not. Maybe someone else will chime in. But as I said, easier to get conditioning after you get the strength... endurance without strength is just meh.
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