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I agree wholeheartedly with the needing of strength, but not at the vast expense of endurance and the recovery from long efforts. I see met-cons as more of a tool to get you used to working at high intensities rather than replace full endurance. Sure I've heard people only doing circuits and met-cons and doing well at endurance type events, but how did they feel the next day? They probably didn't recover as well as the seasoned endurance athlete. That's why it's hard to believe in such an alternative so hastily.

It's not that sit-ups give me any sort of pain (which they never have and I've done over 300 in one sitting) but I've just heard so many bad things about them regarding the stress on your back that I've sought out different ways of strengthening your core, mainly get-ups, overhead squats, front squats, windmills, L-sits, halfmoons, etc.

Also, I'm not sure how much this helps but I do a lot of rowing, I'm not sure if this is helping to complement my pressing, but it should help out those imbalances. Or should I do some low weight Bent Over Rows (I can handle around 115-125# before my hand begins to show signs of pain which is never a good things with tendons I believe). What other exercises involve the muscles of pulling to complement a lot of pressing but don't involve gripping to a large extent? Although I might start doing ring pull ups with a false grip since that doesn't hurt my hand at all, and I used to be able to do quite a few deadhang pull ups from rings before this injury.
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