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Default ART, *sigh*

I thought I'd stop hijacking Ron's ART thread and start my own. I got ART today, which basically involved my chiro pressing on this spot that really really hurt and having me move my arm forward and then to the side while he did this, four or five times. It REALLY hurt! I tried tapping out, but to no avail. I was like, is this the ART thing everyone is raving about?! He said I needed more in some other areas but didn't want to hit them all at once because I'd be too sore. I guess I have "lumbar facet syndrome," whatever that is. One of my legs is a little longer than the other and I need to strengthen my glutes and abs to take care of my pelvic tilt and lordosis thingy. Just like everyone's been telling me and I've already been working on.

Did I mention that it hurt? I asked the nice doc if he was trying to kill me, but he denied that allegation. At least he let me lie down on this thingy first that applied some gentle traction to my neck and had this other thing going up and down my back that felt really good, and it even had a remote control heater! I was a happy camper.

I also got some adjustments and a little booklet with stretches (pelvic tilt, hip lift, hip rotator stretch, single and double leg pulls, partial curl-ups, etc.) It was all stuff I was doing before except the curl-ups, but I guess some of the other core work I was doing (lying hip swings, GHD situps, back extensions, etc.) is too intense for now. Actually I asked why I couldn't do real situps and he was like, "Athletes are the worst patients! They always want to do more than what I tell them!" and gave me a lecture on how if I hurt my back I'm not exactly strengthening my core which is presumably why I'm doing the exercise to begin with. So then I proceeded to show him every exercise I do to see if I'm allowed, thereby redeeming myself as a "good patient." He said no deadlifts, which was concerning, but then he asked me to show him how I do deadlifts and they were okay, and then he demo-ed stiff-leg deadlifts and told me not to do those. He's okay with O-lifts. *whew* He also told me I'm allowed to do up to 400 reps of the exercises he gave me (instead of 20) if I decide I need more. Now he's just messing with me!

I go back in a week to see how my body's responding to everything, and then he'll tell me how often he recommends I come.

I noticed that it doesn't hurt to sit or stand as much today, which is nice... I forgot what that felt like!! But I'm also feeling incredibly incredibly tired (and I've been sleeping more than enough.) Maybe just the release. I'll see how sore I feel tomorrow...
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