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Originally Posted by Yael Grauer whined View Post
I thought I'd stop hijacking Ron's ART thread and start my own. I got ART today, which basically involved my chiro pressing on this spot that really really hurt and having me move my arm forward and then to the side while he did this, four or five times. It REALLY hurt! I tried tapping out, but to no avail. I was like, is this the ART thing everyone is raving about?!

Did I mention that it hurt? I asked the nice doc if he was trying to kill me, but he denied that allegation. At least he let me lie down on this thingy first that applied some gentle traction to my neck and had this other thing going up and down my back that felt really good, and it even had a remote control heater! I was a happy camper.
Suck it up sister. Progress hurts.

Seriously, the magic of ART is not in the treatment, but in the result. It's like rolling out your ITB with a golfball. It feels great when you stop.

Sounds like you got a good dose of chiro in there. My guy keeps it pretty close to the ART and nothing else.
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