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Originally Posted by Darryl Shaw View Post
The reason you shouldn't wake up to go to the bathroom every night, well okay, you should wake up if you have to go lol, is because around sunset your pituitary gland releases a burst of vasopressin (antidiuretic hormone, ADH) which tells your kidneys to start concentrating urine so that your bladder doesn't fill overnight. Obviously if you're drinking excessive volumes of fluids at night there's a good chance your bladder will fill before dawn forcing you to get up but if you aren't drinking to excess then it's worth getting tested for the other two main causes of polyuria namely diabetes mellitus and diabetes insipidus.
Before going to the doctors though try reducing your fluid intake after sunset and don't get too worried if your urine gets darker as the evening wears on because that's just the ADH doing it's job.
hello all,
Wow, you sure know your medical stuff, Darryl----thanks for the information.

I also use a herbal product called "Holy Basil" made by New Chapter company is the best one. It helps fight stress by supporting good adrenal function and balancing cortisol levels; and helps me sleep.

Cortisol is what the body produces when it thinks we have a "fight or flight" to deal with, but it dumps too much into our body and it is hard to process this out again. In the old days, or if you are still in a job where stress actually means a physical "life or death" issue; this cortisol is necessary.

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