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After f&^king up my back on Sunday doing my third set of deadlifts, this was my first attempt at a workout with any weight. I upped the weight on the squat to 115 then 125 as I was cutting the sets to two from three.

See, I've learned something, and maybe you'll benefit from this; when the body suffers fatigue, form goes to hell. When form goes to hell, injuries occur. Brilliant, huh? My third set of 20 reps of DL's using 135# was stupid. Ego made me go for the third set. On the eighth rep (or so) the back spasmed and sent me reeling. Only with heat, hip stretching, and mobility practice was I able to recover (pretty quickly I might add) and squat today.

I love squat day because there are no Bulgarian split squats to be seen. Just friendly step-ups with 10lb in each hand for two rounds. The rows were annoying. Unfortunately, I was interrupted by a phone call from the OC district attorney's office in the middle of the Swiss ball stuff. Seriously, they called me regarding an investigation and seriously, I was actually doing pretty well with the SHEL-C move.

On to coach cross country.
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