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Originally Posted by Chris H Laing View Post
I think your confused...or I am, but in a regular deadlift aren't the hips supposed to be higher than in a clean deadlift? Also, in a clean deadlift, shouldn't the shoulders be vertically over the bar, while in a regular deadlift they are slightly in front of it?

Have I been doing this wrong??
I would NOT say you're doing anything wrong. I'm only speaking from my own perspective and my own training. I haven't trained anyone in a long time.

I hope to eventually become a competent coach. But for Olympic Lifting movements, I'm still learning.

With that said, when I teach someone to pull conventional deadlifts compared to the position for the clean - I have the hips lower, the shoulders over (not ahead) the bar - but that's just me. Other more competent folk may have a different opinion, and I completely respect that.

When I teach someone to pull - whatever movement, I look at their appendanges and their torso. I also take into consideration their strength training experience. I then look at how they squat before assessing what type of pull would be optimal. The point I'm trying to make is that we're all different and we have different backgrounds. A good coach/trainer needs to look at that - it's one of the reasons I advocate the use of multiple grips/foot stances/etc. from session to sessoin and even within the workout.

I doubt any of us could perform the conventional dead in the same manner as Andy Bolton. And look how much different his form is from awesome strongman Mark Felix. Andy has a close stance and a shoulder width grip. He sets his hips fairly high and his shoulders stay, I kid you not, almost behind the bar. Mark Felix uses a really wide stance, an even wider grip, and basically performs a Romanian Deadlift with more than 900 pounds - it's shocking. Then take Brian siders - a quad puller at it's finest, low hips, straight back, and he gets his shoulders over and somewhat behind the bar - even when he pulls conventional.

Don't know if any of that helps.? But I prefer a lower hip position for the deadlifts as compared to cleans, clean pulls, and clean stance RDL's, etc.

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