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This is awesome. I love it!!!

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Originally Posted by Derek Simonds View Post
So I get home tonight from St. Louis and my son and I are in the garage. Not even sure how or why but there we were hanging out in the garage. He says can you video me doing that thing with the bar where you lay down. I said sure but I don't really know what you are talking about. He says that thing you do with Laney and me, like the guy does on all the videos.

Ah Ha I say a TGU. Yep he says. I said do you want to use your KB he says no I am going to use my bar just like Mr Adam. His bar is a 5 KG Pendlay Bar. So we reviewed the move with a staff and talked about what to do if the bar came loose and he said I am ready. Here is the result.

We also played with my new Rolling Thunder handle. That is pretty darn cool. He lifted a 16 KG KB with it which impressed me. I strapped some chain around 2 45 LB PLates and gave it a ride with each hand. I really should have bought a loading pin. Guess I will order that tomorrow.
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