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Default I got my foam roller yesterday!

The thing shipped fast as hell, and i immediately proceeded to rip it out of the box and have at it. I almost had to take a nap after using it. After rolling out most of my body, my brain felt both relaxed and cloudy. i probably should have just gone to sleep.

normally to warm up for workouts, i have to do what's called the rocking chair. basically you curl up all fetal like and roll back in forth and into different positions (mainly for grappling mobility). aside from just getting the body moving, i always felt that it got my muscles more ready than a lot of other stuff. now i realize that it was essentially rolling out my back muscles just like the foam roller. doing the rocking chair on a hard surface like a basketball courts always seemed better. it is rough at first, but after a few minutes i would feel unbelievably invigorated.

anyways i'm pumped to have the foam roller now to hit spots that don't normally get hit when i'm rolling around.
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