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Kevin Perry
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Well. Not training today. Just too pissed.

Went into class today. My partner had to train me, she had me do squats. I did low bar squats below parallel, went deep and with excellent form, excellent rebound and excellent use of hip extension. Was later picked apart by the teacher and humiliated in front of the entire class when he started speaking in a rather loud tone about how my form was terrible, how I was moving to fast, and how I should be pausing for more than 2 seconds at the bottom right at 90 degrees. He told me I should never go below parallel ever. He said all I will accomplish is destroying my knees and destroying my clients knees if I were to ever have them squat below parallel and began to say that 90% of people can't do squats the way I did. Next he told me I was using my hips to much when I should have been using my legs to squat... I tried to explain my reasoning and how I did not agree with his assessment he simply stated "your wrong. end of discussion."

Humiliated. Some students mocked the way I did the squats today others simply laughed at me. Another student was praised for his form... arms stretched out across the bar squating above parallel with no hip movement involved.

If there was ever a thing that could completely destroy my self esteem and confidence right now that was it.
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