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Originally Posted by Chris H Laing View Post
I've recently become obsessed with oly lifting and was wondering when is a good time to start? Right now I am relatively weak (read: extremely) and am wondering when would be the best time to start weightlifting.

Would it be better to start early, even without a coach or a lot of strength? Or would it be better to get strong first with the conventional lifts and then take up weightlifting?

On one hand you get started on technique work sooner so you have more time to perfect it, but you wont be as strong in the lifts. On the other hand, it would be farther away in the future before the form was good, but you'd probably have the brute strength to muscle most of the lifts until your form was perfect?

Any thoughts anyone?

As other folks said, start now. Find a coach if you can. Post your location here and at GoHeavy to find one.

Read Greg's book, and focus on the progressions he lays out (ohs -> snatch balance -> tall snatch and variants -> hang snatch and variants -> full snatch; front squat -> tall clean and variants -> hang clean and variants -> clean). Have no pride -- stay light until you have the form down, and add weight only as the technique holds up.

Recording and posting videos is a good way to get feedback if you don't have a coach or a lifting partner.

Get strong with linear progression (starting light, adding weight every workout, using 3x5, or 5x3) while you are learning the technique, using lots of front squats, olympic back squats for variation, presses/push presses, and clean/snatch deadlifts.
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