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November 20, 2008

1. Warmup
foam rolling - 10 minutes - all over
DROM WU - 10 all movements
inverted hamstring - in place - 10L/R

2. Technique Practice Total time 9:55
KB crossbody DL - 24kg x 15L/R
KB swing - 24KG x 20
kb reverse lunge - 12kg x 15L/R
pushup - 20
renegade row - 15 x 15L/R
x-band walk - 10L/R
band pressdown - 20
band curl - 15
db cuban press - 10 x 15
band press - 15

3. KB stuff
OALC - C+J - 24kg KB - 6 minutes total, switching on the minute - 9L/R, 8L/R, 6L/R
1H KB swing - 24kg x 20L/R
2H KB swing - 24kg x 20

-Maximum Strength -phase 1 - energy day
-At home workout today, did the technique practice as RX'ed then threw in some LC stuff, I've been slacking this week with this weird wanting to throw up thing. This part of the week has been way better than the beginning of the week.
-Technique practice - next time if I do this at home I think I'm going to use the same weight but break up the sets so I'm moving a little more rather than doing 1 set of 15-20, do 3 sets of 5-7?
-OALC C+J - The first 4 minutes weren't too bad but the last 2 minutes sucked, I couldn't barely get the bell up on the jerk.
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