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Chris Forbis
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18 November 2008

Plyometric workout

Donkey ankle bounce- 3 sets of 20, 1 minute of rest after each set
Knees to chest tuck jump - 4 sets of 8, 2 minutes of rest after each set
Rhythmic alternating lunge jumps - 3 sets of 10, 2 minutes of rest after each set
3 steps --> jump for height - 5 sets of 1, 2 minutes of rest after each set
Full court sprints (~30 yards) - 4 sets, 3 minutes rest after each set

I put down a decent one-handed dunk after the workout.

Played 1-on-1 with our stud basketball player after the workout. I got worked. My 1-on-1 game is rusty as hell and he has gotten a lot better since the spring when we last played.

My shoulder doesn't feel good. I'm going to have to see a trainer about it. Maybe see an orthopedist too...
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