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Originally Posted by Chris H Laing View Post
Arien - thanks for the link and the lists of exercises, but my question was more about any specific sequences of those exercises that are good for working the lifts...something like a skill based workout..if that makes sense.
It's a progression. To learn to snatch well, first get a solid OHS, then a solid snatch balance, then a solid tall snatch, then a solid hang snatch. While doing that, work on snatch deadlifts to work on positioning for the first pull. Then put it all together, working on the progressions when you note technique limitations.

Complexes help as well:

ohs + snatch balance, tall snatch + ohs, muscle snatch + tall snatch + snatch balance, halting snatch dl + hang snatch (to work on positioning for the first pull plus transition to the explosive second pull), 3 position snatch (hang, knees, full snatch)

Look at Greg's skill based WODs (especially Tuesday and Thursday workouts during the strength cycles) for ideas as well:

* Muscle snatch - heavy single
* Tall clean + mid-hang clean + 2 jerk - 55% (of clean) x 3 sets

# Muscle snatch + snatch balance + 2 OHS - challenging weight x 3 sets
# Rack jerk - heavy single

# Overhead squat - heavy single
# 2 Tall clean + push press + jerk - find a challenging but fast weight x 5 sets

2 Front squat + push jerk + jerk - 75% (of jerk) x 4 sets

* Muscle snatch - heavy single
* 2-position snatch (floor, mid-thigh) - 70% x 2 sets
* 2-position clean + 2 jerks - 70% x 2 sets
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