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Originally Posted by Chris H Laing View Post
Thats exactly the same feeling I have. Do you ever experience any bruised thighs from bouncing the bar off them at the start of the second pull?

It happens to me a lot when I position my shoulders in front of the bar and I think causes the bar to be slightly farther in front of my body than its supposed to be, which makes me have to jump forward slightly to catch it, which results in landing on my toes.
I've got a big ole bruise right at the top of my right quad right now from a clean session two days ago. But I like to think of where my bruise is at - because of my damn long arms (note they are great for deadlifting and woodchopping )- the very near the top of my second of pull. I like to bring the hips into the bar just prior to shrugging violently. Because of my long appendanges, I also try to lean back a bit or get a "head whip." This 'head whip" is not recommended. It's just something I think works for me at this stage, but I'm a complete novice in this stuff and have only been truly squat cleaning for the past 4 weeks.

The thigh bump we're describing can cause the bar to drift forward. And it's noted in my recent video comments from Allen in as much as I'm jumping forward to catch the bar. It's likely what caused the bruise on my right now - but I think I did it on the lighter sets.

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