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[uMonday 22nd Nov 1930[/u]

Franz through to train.
Decided to train in my living room :lol: - heat, music, coffee...and my new comp with built in webcam - good for video analysis B)

Snatch Drops/Hangs
Numerous sets of 3 with PVC bar.
Felt better than last week, getting under bar faster.
Think I was more warmed up to start with,
Video analysis was very useful - worked out a whole bunch of stuff between us.

Snatch Grip Deadlifts to Mid-Thigh
Sets of 6 @ 45kg
Sets of 6 @ 55kg
Lots of work to do here
But again video analysis and an extra pair of eyes helped with a load of issues

Overhead Squats
3 @ 20kg
3 @ 30kg (3RM PB )
2 @ 40kg
1 @ 50kg (PB )
1 @ 52.5kg (PB )
Very happy with this. From the way that the 47.5kg felt last week, I thought this weeks target 50kg was going to be damn tough.
But felt strong on the OHS from the start - combination of factors? Warmed up, Franz there, good sleep (?!).....
50kg felt good so on Franzs encouragement took it up again and the 52.5kg felt good too
Oh...was also a PB behind-the-neck Snatch Jerk to get the damn thing up there :lol:
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