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Jeff Yan
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November 21, 2008


lamb (gyro meat), chick peas (and peppers), and salad (iceberg and tomatoes?) bought from a lunch truck
seasoned with curry, tzatziki, and hot sauce

2nd lunch
handful of green beans w/ oil dressing and slivered almonds
1/2 turkey sandwich w/ tomato slice and lettuce (no bread

throughout workday
16 oz tea
at least 24 oz water

happy hour
@ Pound and Pence
1/2 mozzarella stick
1/2 chicken finger w/ dijon sauce
2 pieces of buffalo wings
1 celery stick, 3 carrot sticks

@ Loreley
kasespaetzle mit speck and side salad
(a little bit of jagerschnitzel and fries)
another side salad
burger w/ grilled tomato and onions, served w/ fries and side salad
1/2 apfelstrudel w/ vanilla sauce

1 mystery shot, 2 jagermeister shots
several more glasses of water
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