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So, cleaning from a deadlift position is obviously detrimental to oly training, but what about deadlifting from a clean position, as opposed to deadlifting from a conventional starting position?

I read in one of the articles on this site, or maybe one of the workout quote things, that weightlifters should only deadlift from a clean position because, obviously, it develops a stronger first pull.

But shouldn't weightlifters work on the conventional deadlift at least a little bit, to engage the hamstrings more? because oly squating, whether overhead, front, or HB back, involves mostly the quads and glutes, right?

I guess if you were going to the olympics, or at least a high level competition, you would do as much to get the lifts right, and wouldn't worry about hamstring strength as much, but if your not really into competing, but are still interested in getting your oly lifts as strong as possible, would it be more beneficial to work dl's from the clean position only, or from both the clean and conventional positions? there a way to tell if your doing the correct technique poorly, because i think that i might be...
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