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Derek - thanks for the welcome

Originally Posted by Chris Salvato View Post

Maybe a linear progression on OHS and FS would be suitable for a couple of these days a week to start...since the snatch and C&J are so dependent on them.
I was thinking about doing just that. My front squat is super weak and my OHS is almost none existent so they could definitely use some linear progression. The other thing I was thinking about linear progression with was the snatch and clean position deadlifts, because I haven't deadlifted from these positions ever...except for today.

Maybe something like FS and OHS on the associated strength days and go for linear progression, and on sat do a snatch or clean pos. deadlift instead of the back squats to keep the deadlifts in there and to let the legs rest a little bit? Wutchu guys think?

Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
I am still confused why you only want to do approximately one exercise each day but that's up to you.
On the strength days I'm doing 3 exercises, plus the technique work, which is like a (really really light) workout in itself. And on metcon days, I have technique work for both oly lifts, and then a metcon, which could consist of anything, so its hard to tell the volume on those days.

I kinda like the volume of the program currently, even though I've only been doing it for a day, and I feel like I'll make better strength gains from going harder on a few exercises than doing a bunch of 'em at decreased intensity.

And now the first workout of the new program!!!! Wooo!!!!

*15.5 hr fast*

DROM - leg swings, arm swings, trunk twists
Wall HS - 60 sec
Tuck FL - 3 x 10 sec
2x Burgener warmup with empty bar *replaced snatch drop with ohs

Handstand was easy, so was FL, think I might need to use a dowel for the next couple times through the B. warmup because it kinda tweaks my wrists.

Snatch Tech:
3 rounds of:
3 ohs
3 pressing snatch balance
3 heaving snatch balance

Used an empty bar for these. On the heaving snatch balances I was landing on my toes, which screwed up my ohs position. I tried to consciously land on my heels and it worked better, but I think i just need to get more comfortable in the bottom position.

Snatch Strength:
Snatch deadlift
135 x 4 x 2

Not heavy at all, but at 135 my butt started sticking out and making my back more parallel to the floor, so I kept at that weight and worked on keeping a more upright torso. They felt pretty good, but this is the first time I've ever done sets of 2 which seems like it doesn't take long enough...

Also I found I could get into a better starting position (more upright torso and whatnot) when I pushed me knees out to the side before starting the lift. Is this ok, or will it be detrimental in the long run?

Gymnastic push:
Ring dips
+5 x 3 x 5

These were ridiculously easy. I'll be going up to 7.5 or maybe 10 lbs on wednesday.

Gymnastic pull:
Ring pullups
+12.5 x 3 x 5

First set felt easy, but I missed the last rep on the 2nd set, and the fourth rep on the 3rd set. This was weird because I did +10 on friday and it felt super easy...maybe all the deadlifts and rowing in the metcon wore out my back?

So that was the first day, and I gotta say it was fun. Trying new things, like the snatch deadlift, is always interesting.
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